Monday, November 9, 2015

Minor Note...

Having just tossed that last post on here as a convenient dumping ground, I couldn't help but skim my old content. I haven't added anything in a little over three years and I can't get my head around how much has changed.

  • I'm still working on a lot of little projects, but in totally different ways.
  • I still love hiking and camping, but ghud ghawd I have learned a lot. These days I sleep outside just because I want a good night's sleep.
  • Which has helped me to travel this world a bit, nothing like the freedom of being able to get on a jet plane to anywhere with nothing but a backpack and a smile. I could, and probably should write books about how to do this.
  • I have definitely grown as a photographer. This has become a very important part of my life and I'm pleased to see this. I think drawing is a core of my approach, so I have worried that by not doing much drawing I wouldn't improve.
  • As far as I can tell I didn't write a thing in here about my physical activities, which are also central to my life at this point. I'm certain this started (restarted) in 2009, but apparently it was sometime after 2012 that it became apparent that this is essential to my self expression. Mind and body are not separate, at least for me.
I have no idea if anyone actually follows this blog after all this time, and I suppose don't care either way. Blogging for a day is good fun or narcissism, but blogging over years is something else entirely.

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