Sunday, May 6, 2012

and about that fail part...

"More people drop out of distance races due to stomach issues than do from injury"
 Asleep, then awake, sick as a dog. The one thing I didn't test out beforehand was the prepackaged freeze dried food, and it did not agree with me at all.  This marks the coffin for productive work on the trip itself for me. At most I had a couple short climbs on boulders on the way down the mountain, but it was quite over with. We would spend the next night in a hotel.

The long way down. Mike found a super-banana.
This turned out to be a lucky break in a way; it ended up raining on the mountain the night after we left (Marcus, no tent, freezing rain might not have been so hot), and the second group we were going to meet up with had to cut short and head out early too.

Back to Neel's gap:

Neel's Gap: this place felt eerily similar to a Buddhist Sanga. Shoes hang like prayer flags from the tree outside.

We had just a couple more stops to make before the final drive home.

What remained of Mike's hands when we got to the bottom.

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