Friday, November 4, 2011

Off Topic: Sleep Data

Random, off topic post for a Friday; I got some results back from a sleep study and I thought I would share. Or at least share the data; I'm not sure what the data means yet.

  • A normal sleep cycle (REM -> slow wave -> REM) averages about 90 minutes. My sleep cycles are more than double that.
  • The majority of my REM time happens after the alarm. While it's not unusual to have some REM time in those early moments...long term waking dreams is kind of a strange thing.
  • REM did not transition to waking state before the gear was turned off. Which sort of makes me wonder how long after "wake-up" I'm still in a waking dream state.
  • Actual sleep time is way below average. Much of this has to do with very long time to fall asleep.
  • Proportions are pretty far off too: very little deep sleep proportional to the statistical mean.

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